True North Directional Plug and Abandonment​

We guarantee a permanent and durable abandonment.

Plug and Abandonment for lost holes with magnetic ranging.

Plug and Abandon Solutions/Magnetic Ranging: The use of passive magnetic ranging (PMR) collects information that is needed to calculate the distance and direction between wellbores. PMR relies upon gravity measurements and magnetic data from a magnetic survey instrument. Data is acquired over the drilling interval for the purpose of the PMR analysis. Once a target is identified using PMR, a drilling plan is made, often requiring a sidetrack to correct the approach to the target. The process will be repeated in order to get closer and reduce the target uncertainty to a point where an intersection is possible. This iterative approach can be successful because each PMR analysis is relative to the position where the data were sampled.

After attempts to drill into the old well‐bore are exhausted, we drill 100 ft past the top of the casing stub. True North Directional will then come out and run a gyro survey. After the gyro survey, we will run an open-hole proprietary magnetic interference survey. This data is analyzed to give us a distance and direction to the target.

At this point, we will plug back the well. True North Directional will devise a drilling plan to kick off with directional tools and drop into the target.

Lost Holes use of Magnetic Ranging: Magnetic ranging system is used when a target well that is to be abandoned or plugged cannot be accessed from the surface. In the event of a well control incident (release of hydrocarbons) or a wellbore obstruction (ex. casing collapse or shear), the problem well must often be intersected with an offset well purposely drilled so as to allow for heavy drilling mud and cement to be pumped from the drilling well into the target well. The no‐access active ranging system is typically deployed via 7 conductor wireline in open hole. The active ranging system injects current into the formation from an electrode in the wireline assembly. The current injected into the formation collects on the nearby problem well casing, and a magnetic field is created about the target well. This field is sampled by the active ranging sensor in the open hole wireline assembly and analyzed through proprietary software to produce a distance and direction from the drilling well to the target well. This information is used to create a new well plan specifically designed to intersect the problem well. The accuracy of the system is such that the drilling well can be aligned with the precision required to contact, mill into and reenter the target well. This allows for a deep cement plug to be placed with confidence on the inside of the target well casing, thereby guaranteeing a permanent and durable abandonment.

• Mag Range application commonly used for complex plug and abandonment, relief well, collision avoidance, and open hole re‐entry below a fish.