True North Directional Guidance Services

Complete tool systems for any range of fluid or air drilling needs.

MWD, MWD gamma: Complete tool systems for any range of fluid or air drilling needs. Our MWD system’s are compatible with a variety of collar diameters from 3‐1/2″ to 9‐1/2″ and operates at flow rates from 75 to 1,200 gpm. MWD system are both retrievable and reseatable, minimizing rig downtime and the lost‐in‐hole financial risk.

Dual Telemetry EM: New generation of Multi Telemetry MWD tools intended to keep you on bottom drilling as long as possible. The system combines EM and Mud Pulse technologies to ensure that wellbore telemetry is delivered to surface in any air or mud drilling environment. Additional logging sensors such as gamma, shock, vibration, continuous inclination and pressure are also available. Fully retrievable, the entire tool can be mounted into a monel collar for easy installation. Rugged and reliable, capable of operating in high pressure (20,000psi) and high temperatures (150ºC) conditions.

Wireline steering: 7 Wireline Units equipped with gyroscopic and steering equipment. Tools capable of 175 degrees Celsius and ultra-short radius, under balance drilling with wet connect. Gamma while drilling or drill pipe or annular pressure while drilling with our proprietary setup.

A well drilled utilizing wireline steering produces a smoother wellbore, along with continual monitoring of the well with 2-second updates on the tool face orientation, with gamma-ray, annual psi and drill pipe psi. This provides the directional driller and geologist with the ultimate tools for a quality job.

Wireline steering tools are superior in under-balanced drilling or lost circulation environments. There is an added benefit of being universal in all drilling mediums that include air, foam, fluid, and oil base mud. In case of equipment failure, the probe can easily be retrieved saving trip time.

Truck rentals, tool rental: NOV and Bico motors for performance drillings, monel collars, a large inventory of x-over subs, UBHO and float subs. Equipment sizes ranging from 2‐7/8” to 9‐5/8” located at our Michigan location at all times.

Temperature Survey: Surface recording electronic temperature survey capability.

Perforating: Case hole gamma-ray logging for perforating correlation. Bridge plugs, pipe recovery, and free point.