True North Directional Directional Drilling​

Decades of comprehensive experience and successful well plans.

Our directional coordinators come with decades of comprehensive experience and collaborate with customers to create detailed, accurate and successful well plans. Our team has the capability and access to use a variety of well planning and directional software to meet a range of customers’ needs from anti‐collision, torque and drag, spider plots and much more.

True North Directional Services takes pride in hiring experienced personnel with regional experience. Our directional coordinators, Larry Chernik and Gary Fyan, perform pre‐job planning procedures with customers to design well plans while keeping cost efficiency and successful well completions our goal. The directional coordinators will join forces with our guidance coordinators to configure the best strategy for BHA’s, motor options and guidance systems to ensure every project our crew strives for customer satisfaction by using the most efficient tools for the project at hand.

Our Roscommon, MI location houses a large array of motors for performance drillings, monel collars, extensive inventory of cross‐over subs, UBHO and float subs. We have MWD, EM and Dual Telemetry Kits, Gyros and wireline steering equipment located in Michigan at all times. A variety of NOV and Bico motor sizes in Michigan for that include 2‐7/8, 3‐1/2, 3‐3/4, 4‐3/4, 6‐1/4, 6‐3/4,8, 9‐5/8 Our fleet includes hotshot trucks/trailers to haul directional equipment and kit boxes to any location the customer needs. Providing these services to our customers in‐house saves the customer money and also decreases turnaround time on tool inspections.

The team has extensive experience in ultra short radius curves, casing exits with whipstocks, well intersects and solution mining for salt wells, air drilling in the Marcellus and Utica formations. We have the ability to do 4‐1/2 casing exits and have completed horizontals with a 3‐7/8 hole.

Capability to providing the following services:

  • Directional Supervision
  • Ultra‐Short Radius
  • Medium Radius
  • Extended Reach Laterals
  • Well Planning
  • Conventional Directional
  • Advanced Experience in Well Intersection
  • Magnetic Ranging
  • RSS
  • Dual Telemetry
  • EM with Gamma
  • MWD with Gamma
  • Wireline Steering
  • Performance Drilling
  • Multishot Core Orientation
  • Gyroscopic Survey
  • Lubricator
  • Temperature Survey
  • CCL Gamma Survey
  • Freepoint Survey
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Bridge Plug
  • Shock Sub Rental
  • Hot Shot Services