True North Directional Services

Began operations in November 2016 as a subsidiary of Navigator Wireline Services.


True North Directional Services began operations in November 2016 as a subsidiary of Navigator Wireline Services. Navigator Wireline Service was founded in 2002 and has quickly grown to be on the most aggressive and innovative independent guidance companies in the Northeastern region of the United States. 

The new joint venture of starting True North has been discussed many times over the years and the partners feel that in 2016 it was the opportune time to market their skills and experience. It was time to start an independent directional company that employed locals who know the region the best.

The three lifelong friends who have worked together in Michigan’s oilfield for the past 35 years, Carl Jock, Gary Fyan and Larry Chernik, partnered up to start creating a powerful directional team. Working in the oilfield providing guidance and directional services for their entire careers, they have the background, knowledge and skills that cannot be beat.


Directional Team
True North Directional Team
During breast cancer awareness month, True North Directional Services proudly uses pink motors on all jobs and donates a portion of the proceeds from those jobs to local cancer centers.

True North Directional Services might be a young company, but bring a crew of well trained, skilled individuals that all hold incredible accomplishments with vast years of experience. True North’s directional coordinators each have over 35 years of oilfield experience and collaborate with customers to create detailed, accurate and successful well plans. 

The top 11 directional drillers and guidance operators True North has on their team hold a total of over 230 combined years of oilfield experience in the Northeast Region on the United States. Experience these crews bring to each and every job are things that cannot be learned from a book or a lecture, but come from day and night on a rig during some of the most difficult ground breaking jobs.


We have Dual Telemetry, MWD and EM Kits, Gyros, and Wireline Steering equipment located in Michigan at all times. Our Roscommon location also houses available motors, monels, and a large variety of subs, reamers, stabilizers, shock subs, and agitators. 

Although the majority of our equipment and employees are based in Michigan, the companies have a satellite shop in Canton, Ohio. This satellite shop offers a quicker on‐site availability and lower mobilization fees for our customers that are not in Michigan. We offer our full range of services and have completed work all over the United States and Canada.

True North Directional Kit Box