True North Directional Gyro Surveying

Gyros capable of surveying wellbores to 40 degrees inclination, with more than 1,500 psi on well heads.

Gyroscopic Survey: Gyros capable of surveying wellbores to 40 degrees inclination. Capable of going into producing well with more than 1,500 psi on well heads and running a gyro with our lubricator. Our tool inventory consists of 8 complete gyros that we use frequently nationwide.

Orientation Survey: Gyroscopic orientations can be performed in situations that magnetic interference is present. Capable of surveying within casing on servicing well or an existing wellbore that is next to servicing well.

Gyroscopic Equipment: The manufacture of the equipment utilized has been in business since the 1940’s providing gyroscopic equipment primarily for the military, guiding missiles, drones and aircrafts. However, they also provide exceptional equipment for the energy market. Our equipment undergoes vigorous inspections, maintenance and re-calibrations when returned back to our Roscommon shop.

Training: Our personnel is highly trained in how gyroscopes are manufactured, maintained and how they work. The majority of our personnel have had extensive training at a facility in California to learn the “ins and outs” of these Gyroscopes.